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Johnyyyyyyyyy Help!

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This is just a link to the typical procedure


Wow...I will forever remain mystified at the patience required to pull off something like that, and I had front row seats for a custom build that I had done for me years ago...saw it in various stages along the way, so I get what's involved, but when you lay it all out in pics like that it's crazy. Hats off to anybody who can do that!


I get cranky when the cable box doesn't respond to the remote fast enough... ;)

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The deal is that I own a HB30 from washburn, and today I bought a second hand variax 300, looking to transfer these to there...Possible? And if yes, how?


yep, here's the link to his White Falcon, looks like it would be a similar awesome project...   :)

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Johnyay or anybody else, how can I put the electronics of the Variax 300 to a hollowbody? Requires drilling and wood cutting or can I transfer them by ungluing the glue from the body?


Well lollipooooooooop... most of the info on Variax transplants seems to have disappeared from the web over the years, once upon a time there was a site that showed a hollowbody conversion step by step as it was being done.


For my White Falcon copy I cut a hole in the back of the body, I put all the V300 electronics into a small project box from Radio Shack, then I made a rear cover plate for the guitar and screwed the box to the cover plate. I cannot access the switching or the knobs as they are sealed in the box, all tone selection is done by VDI/HD500. I could have easily put the knobs on the body but I didn't want anyone to know it was a Variax, the only giveaway visually is the jackplate.


It was an easy conversion and took only about a day of work start to finish, wouldn't take much longer if I had installed the pots and the switch normally.


For the bridge I used a GraphTech Tune-O-Matic.


I don't know how to open the body and reglue it to avoid cutting the hole in the back of the body, a luthier could probably tell you that.

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