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Pod hd 500 s factory reset sound different


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Hi, guys


I have tested for 2 days all high gain amps using the same sound (looper recorded) AB comparison and now I have just reset to the factory settings.


While I was testing previously, the pre version of the amp was more "in your face" comparing to the whole (amp cab mic). Now it is not the case.....that's a bit strange....


There was no firmware update, I was already using the latest. The only change was the reset and the files (I guess I had some problems with corrupted file (new tone/setlist) in the past.


Any of you guys experienced any of this change?


if you decide to try this make sure you make a backup before doing so, and overwrite all presets....

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Those very few times that I have done a global reset I have not noticed any difference in the response of the models.

But I don't use Global EQ apart from rare cases after which I turn it off again.

I wonder if in your case it is not the Global EQ that makes the difference between the before and after of the reset, since after a reset the Global EQ is reset to default values that no longer affect the sound.


Another option that after a reset returns to the default values is the output mode which also affects the sound.

Check also the input settings if before the reset they were set as global and differently than the defaults.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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thanks pianoguyy


my bad, the looper was at pre position. sorry


yes, the default settings like global eq enabled, diff output mode, etc. I had check them before. Now, for your answer, my settings are:

input is guitar, input2 variax, global, In-Z=70k


what about yours?


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