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Major Tom guitar sound


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Hi everybody,


I would like to emulate the guitar sound that was often used in 80's pop songs such as Major Tom or 99 red balloons on the HD500X (lots of chorus, little distortion, lets staccatos sound very sharp and clockwork-like). I couldn't find anything in the custom tone data base, probably because I am lacking the correct keywords for the search. Does anyone has a clue what to look for?


I am sure creating this patch is pretty straight forward, and probably I will be able to do so myself after some trial and error, but I am quite inexperienced with the device and I need it soon. 


Your help is much appreciated!

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first, being new, you should be aware - you can use files for the 500, 500x, pro, and pro x with no issue. this should allow you to search many more files. 

and there is also a converter that allows other model files to be used. 


beyond that - 

I can't see Major Tom (by Peter Schilling, different than Space Oddity by David Bowie) being something many people in 2010 (when the device came out) would be clamoring for. 

99 red ballons. Luft ballons. Nena. Ok, I can see people wanting that one. 


As far as designing a patch - 

single coil pickups are a must

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