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Helix Rack - I Need Patches!


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Hello, fellow Line 6 Helix Users:


Hey, I’m in a bit of a quandary. After running the L6 for a few years now, I have bumped into the end (or patience) with the included Presets, or my patience for editing them therewith. I have a couple of nascent, yet-to-be-birthed Projects, that will require more than my programming capabilities permit.


I recently stumbled across, who seems to do Helix patches “right”. No stranger with “paying for what you receive, especially in Technology”, I reached out to Glen, and he’d be happy to sell me a Bundle, if I specify what Patches I want. But the problem is, his site doesn’t include a play/sample function – just a list of what patches he offers for sale.


So – I’m seeking opinions from those who use / have used his patches, in the format of a L6 Helix, rack-mount. Not that I play “Live” anymore in these C19 days… but I could program whatever I needed if the “sound” was right. Glenn takes a lot of care in what he does, but he can’t be a Librarian to the World.


Here’s what I’m after:


·        Clean, Clear, 1945 – 1952 amps

·        Classic Country/Western in general

·        1980’s (think “The Fixx” Stand or Fall) and the general chorused tones of the era (that weird, over-chorused sound))


I don’t need Molly Hatchet, Smells Like Teen Spirit, System of a Down tones. My collection of axes is large, stout, and itching to Work.


Can any of you help?


Budget is “as-needed”. I have no aversion to Paying a Professional.

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12 hours ago, Dibubba said:

Here’s what I’m after:



You could have a listen to these, and as you mentioned the 80s chorus tone, check out the last demo named “MB Wanged” which is dead on Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days.


Oh, of course, caveat emptor applies - if you buy anyone’s presets, it doesn’t mean that you will sound like them. You’re buying the building blocks not the skill. A Steve Vai or Joe Satriani preset doesn’t endow you with their talents, but what do you expect for around a dollar a piece.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


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I agree with the suggestion of Datacommando. Those MBritt patches were PERFECT for me when I was starting out on the Helix LT, ooo over a year ago now. MBritt is actually a Kemper guru and only did this one pack for the Helix.  The pack is aimed at the more "traditional" guitar player, i.e. not metal or shred styles.   There are a couple of good demos on Youtube, you will see that they are simple basic tones aplenty, nothing too wacky! Having bought this pack, I selected just 3 presets as a base, and am still using 2 of those today as my core sound with my band (rock and pop covers). What I love is that each patch doesnt only sound good on my studio monitors here at home, they sound just as good through an FRFR at rehearsal with a 5 piece band. YMMV.





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GD is one of the, if not the, best patch builders in L6topia.  I've bought a few bundles and some individual patches from him over the years.  They do need some tweaking once you get them in order to make the most out of your guitars, styles, etc.  I've also used them as tutorials/templates for separate builds.

If you want to maximize your Helix, I do advise that you watch his video tutorials (they are GREAT) and dig back in to the unit.  Use his work as inspiration and education.  He pushes the envelope and his stuff keeps me on my toes.

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On 11/15/2020 at 6:33 PM, Dibubba said:

But the problem is, his site doesn’t include a play/sample function – just a list of what patches he offers for sale.


On the page you link to... scroll down toward the bottom. That is where many of the presets are sold individually, and there is a video link in each of those with samples. 


Visit his YouTube channel and zero in on the Line 6 playlist that interests you most.


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