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Powercab 212+ Digital Stereo with Analog Aux


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I have a modeler, and really like the look of the 212 plus for running stereo through digital I/O (no Line6 link for me unfortunately, meaning an additional MIDI cable). But I also would like to use it for a full range signal (either a console mix, or from a microphone pre for when I sing backing vocals).


Anyone know if you run  digital stereo out to the 212+, if you can still run a  (mono) analog input to the Aux input in monitor mode? Or does this mean the digital signal will be summed to mono, because you can only have 2 channels total???

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You can feed your 212 with a mono signal without affecting everything else.


meaning you can use it as a stereo speaker for your guitar and at the same time as a FRFR monitor for your vocals (or whatever).


form the manual:

On Powercab, navigate to Global Settings by holding the 
HOME button and set Input 2 Mode to Monitor. This will use a 
separate crossover and filters to provide flat-response, full-range 
audio through the Powercab built-in amplifier and speaker(s) – just 
like an active PA monito

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