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Battery almost dead on Relay G10


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So the mods apparently deleted my previous post asking for battery replacement.. What do they thing I'm supposed to do when the battery dies? Throw it in the garbage can? What do I do now that the Relay G10 bettery is dead, and Line6 says we are not allowed to swap the battery?

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They want you to buy another one or send it to them and pay to have it 'fixed'.


I bought one that's now on its last legs, and I have not updated the firmware, which would undoubtedly render it useless. Truly garbage-can worthy, but that's such a waste of $.


I have two iPads, one of which is 9 years old and it has great battery life. Apple seems to have its stuff together about the care and feeding of rechargeables. Line6? Not so much. My JTV-59 battery started to fade quickly,  as did the one in my G10.

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