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Problem Receiving MIDI over USB from another Pedal

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Anyone else have problems receiving MIDI messages into the USB input from other MIDI over USB pedals?  

I'm using a DA Electronics iCtrl-R Mini and with the Helix floor, HX Stomp, and PodGO using USB connections, I get nada.  

All settings for Trasnmitting/receiving MIDI over USB are correct.

Any hints/Thoughts?



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Typically, to use MIDI over USB requires a Host - computer, iOS device or dedicated Host Box.

Neither of the videos available on their site using the AXE shows MIDI over USB, they're both using the standard 5-pin DIN connector.

Try using that if you don't want to be tethered to a computer.

 It may be that the USB connection on your device is only intended for updates and programming.

There's no manual, so.....

Their editor does not include a MIDI Monitor function, so that's a good indicator.

I have an FCB1010 connected to one of my computers by USB to use as a controller for my Stomp and VST sims.

I use MIDIOX (FREE) to route the signal from the FCB USB connection to the Stomp's USB connection.

You can also use MIDIOX to test if I'm right about what I said above about their USB implementation.

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