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Gigging + High Frequency Trim


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So, I've just gone to a Helix + Powercab+ rig and I'm creating patches to use with a live band. I'm not able to get my volume up very loud at home so I know that I'm probably going to end up with settings that are too bright and not mid-rangy enough to work live. However, I'm wondering how well the High Frequency Trim in the Global Settings works to tweak tones globally when I get to rehearsal. Does anyone have experience with this? In theory it seems like it would work well in the absence of a Global EQ when using L6 Link.


Also, does anyone know whether the Hi Freq trim has any affect on the signal sent out of the Powercab's Output jack? 

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On 11/22/2020 at 5:12 PM, merdenoms74 said:

Also, does anyone know whether the Hi Freq trim has any affect on the signal sent out of the Powercab's Output jack? 


The Hi Freq Trim sets the level of the signal sent to the Hi Freq Driver component in the speaker.

It has no effect on the tone through the output jack. Yes, I tested it to be sure.

For that you'd use the High and Low cut sliders or, live, the High and Low Cut settings on the Panel controls.

Unfortunately for your needs, those are not Global, they're per preset.


Until L6 changes things to allow us to use the Global EQ on the Digital outs, the best you can do is use the 1/4" Outs and, if you have good quality studio headphones, do the initial presets on the phones, then see how it translates to the PC. You'll need to get it up to at least 85db to get to the low end of the Fletcher-Munson curve but, once you've done one or two presets, you'll have a good idea what the  Global EQ settings you'll generally need are. Keep in mind that you'll be configuring your presets for room you're in, and that'll all go out the window when you get to the gig. That's actually what the Global EQ is intended for.


Also, as for the signal from the PC to FOH, the sound crew, if they're any good, will take care of that, and until you're THE BIG DEAL, likely regardless of any input from you!

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