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Latest update not working in FL Studio


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After updating HX Edit and then Helix Native I'm unable to load the VST.


I get the following error in FL Studio - "There was a problem opening the plugin Helix Native (x64) for an unknown reason. Please make sure it was installed correctly."


When doing a scan of VST it looks like there is issues with both VST2 and VST3 version (see screenshot)


Any ideas?


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Hey Mr Fruitbowl - 


Seeing you are an FL Studio user ....i was wondering if you may be able to help me pls ?


i have HN up and running and its loading etc (hopefully yours is now too) 


However, the tomes im getting are not what i was hoping for ......its almost like im hearing 99% dry signal from my guitar ....


Native switches presets etc and i can hear an audible change in the hiss of gain etc etc ....but when playing, i just get a clean, dry signal out of the monitors ...


im opening a clean new basic template and dragging HX onto the channel rack, selecting input from my AI ...and thats it ...


Am i doing soemthign wrong ?? is there a guide on how to set up in FL Studio etc ?


thanks if you can help!




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