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Should I be worried? Update mistake


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I entered hx edit the other day and did a routine update check for the HX Stomp. I saw that the 3.0 firmware was available, so I installed it. All seemed to have gone well, but soon I started experiencing a strange bug. When I copied and pasted a block I lost the capacity to save my presets. I then noticed the email announcing the firmware update. It clearly stated that I should have updated hx edit before updating the firmware. I have now updated hx edit and, after a factory reset, the problem seems solved (fingers crossed!). Can I have damaged something by not updating hx edit first? Should I try to reinstall the firmware? How do I do that?

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8 minutes ago, Valgua said:

Can I have damaged something by not updating hx edit first?

Hi Valgua,

You are not the first, and certainly will not be the last to have fallen into that trap of letting HX Edit update the firmware before updating itself. 

Luckily, this is not a fatal error and once you have HX Edit 3.0 up and running and able to work correctly with your Stomp, everything should be fine. You need not worry.


Have fun with the new things in the HX Stomp.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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To echo DC's reply, it won't do anything bad to the unit itself.  Just your ego.


This is the first time I've run in to an update issue and I've had the Helix since launch.  Well...sort of since launch...I pre-ordered and then waited.  Forever.  I'm pretty sure Sweetwater looked in to filing for a restraining order from all of us pre-order folks who didn't get their units right away.  I made the same mistake, but simply rolled back and did it in order.  It took me about a half-hour extra than my normal, more intelligent updating practices.  My only excuse is that they said poly and I got excited, then they said Diezel and my IQ dropped thirty points.

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