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Still owning an AMPLIFI 150 in 2020?

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Was searching on youtube for video's about others using the Amplifi 150 and came upon a  Amplifi 150 review and demo video of a couple of years ago and could not resist not to comment on it when I read some one in the comments called it "sounding crap". 

What do you long term owners think about the Amplifi ?

So this was my response:


I own an Amplifi 150 and have a love and hate relation ship with it. I was not giving me the right bass punch needed (play 7 string metal ) and the high tones ranges could sound much better. So I did upgrade (see link for details) the stock speaker for a full range one and this amp transformed completely. For an amp being sold as a "Modeling amp" it should come equipped with a more high quality full range speaker from factory it will also upgrade the quality of the bluetooth and plugin audio futures . As guitar modeling amps have to simulate a lot of varieties of amps a higher quality full range speaker will reflex much more the full potentiality of guitar modeling. For me ( because this is my first "Modeling amp") successfully creating banks with various famous high gain amps has become a challenge and rewarding time spending on the Amplifi and once you get trough the technicality of it ,is when the liking of this amp occurs. See the Amplifi as an "all in one" basic forerunner of his big brother Helix. A future 2x12 cabin with the Helix build in would be a dream, keeping the bluetooth futures of course.

Speaker swap: https://line6.com/support/topic/52715-speaker-swap-line-6-amplifi-150-update/

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I've been driving the amplifi 150 for quite some time. I'm a room guitarist
My experience:
+ plus


-excellent sound (other than an average amplifier) (perfect for room use) (for a much better backing track)
-lots of variations
-nice looks


- Bluetooth is a BIG JOKE !!!! (5 dollars Chinese speaker 10m clean buy)
- Nothing has been developed on the applicator. (e.g. select sounds to watch at once, or select 5 stars or larger images)
-Power button is in the wrong place
-Updating is hard
-The recording and looper?
-microphone turn of etc.


Line 6 does not reply to any questions raised in this forum
I feel like line 6 forgets us !!

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