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PodGo 1-Switch Looper Latency?

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Hey everyone! 


I recently purchased a PodGo and I've really been enjoying it, but I've been having issues with the 1-switch looper. When I try to overdub, there is a pretty large delay before it responds to me pressing down the footswitch. This makes it pretty unusable. Also, I don't have this issue with the 6-switch looper at all which I think is weird because I would have thought that it would take more DSP if that was the issue.


Have any of you been experiencing this same issue and found a fix for it? Or do I just have to live with it?


Thanks in advance for your time!

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I also experience some latency with the 1 switch looper during an overdub. And indeed, the 6 switch works better in the same context.

However, for me, it's not a real problem as I tend to engage the overdub a little while before the "decisive moment".

Fortunately, there is no such latency during the initial record.

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