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Hd500x Expression Pedal Shuts Off Unit, Starts Back Up


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Hi All. I  have an issue with the expression pedal. If I am playing within a patch and press on the expression pedal to change it to wah or whatever, there is a loud squeal then the unit shuts off and then turns back on.


Some patches do work if WAH or another effect is programmed to be used on the pedal. Is this common if the expression pedal has nothing programmed to it and I press down to engage it??


When downloading new tones, I am just simply testing the patch to see if wah has been programmed.


I calibrated the pedal when I first set up the HD500X. However I believe the flash memory has been updated. Should I need to calibrate the exp pedal every time I have Line6 Monkey up and running and something updates?


I hope this is something simple...this is already the 2nd HD500X for me. The first one right out of the box would constantly restart and shut off.




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By shutting off you mean that it's like pulling the plug and putting it in again? If so, i'm afraid there is some kinda problem in your hardware.


The pedal needs suprisingly heavy (at least it does in HD500 without the X) stomping before it clicks the switch. I'm not sure if that is good for the gear in long run. One cold soldering in right spot - somewhere near the power plug maybe - may cause that kind of behaviour. In that case your gear needs servicing.


But did you mean it happens if you have nothing - no volume nor wah - addressed to pedal (why step on it then?!?)?


Calibration (again in HD500, not 100% sure if its still the same in X) happens after resetting the device. it only measures the moving range of the pedal to find out your 0 and 100% points. So if no sound at all or 100% all the time (or something pointing that it doesn't give full 0 or 10 of course), calibration is needed. I can't see why lack of calibration - even when admitted that everything which includes some kinda programming can turn to amadhouse without any reason at all - would cause behaviour like that.

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