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Only getting sound from l2t/L2m tweeters in Helix setup.

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For the past three years, I have been using a guitar setup that uses a Helix floor into an l2t and an L2m for a stereo rig using the L6 Link.  For the most part, this has served me well and has been flawless.  I am using the new 3.0 version of the Helix.

This evening, I was only able to get sound from the tweeters of the speakers. This was the case whether I was using a daisy chain method from the Helix or simply plugging in an electric guitar directly proportionate into the 1/4 inch inputs of each speaker, independently. What is peculiar is that both speakers are behaving in the same fashion, even when they are being utilized independently. In both cases, the fan will start running, even though the sound is only coming from the tweeter.  The same outcome occurred when I plug a guitar into the PA input on the side of the l2t.


Once again, it is peculiar that both speakers would demonstrate the same problem simultaneously. Does anyone know if there is some limiting function that may be triggered by some phenomenon. If so, would there be a way to reset the speakers. I did open up the back of the l2t.  All connections were solid. The power light comes on as usual. However, only sound from the tweeter is occurring under the speakers.


Thanks for any help or assistance that you might be able to offer.

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Believe it or not, after having the power of those speakers for a little more than an hour, both are functioning as they are intended. I am wondering if there was an overheating failsafe was triggered and reset after being powered off.  I am relieved...

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