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Pod xt live - Tuner issue - HELP!!

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Hello, well everything was working fine on my pod xt live, until one day I need to tune my guitars.... I press the tuner button for more than 2 secs and nothing happened, so I starting to deal with the problem and discover that pushing "OUTPUT MODE" and then turn clock wise the select button, the tuner appears. 

Can somebody tell me how can i put back the tuner to the pedal again? 


Thanks beforehand



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Would you dare to press that button a bit harder?


When I got my POD XT Live I thought the pedal was not working properly because I couldn't activate the _Wah_ function by pressing it. When I dared to push it much harder, it started working. Now I know that activating that function requires a much bigger pressure. That being said, I understand that a pedal and a button are not the same, and I wouldn't like you to damage your unit by pushing a button *too hard*.

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