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POD Go Volume Pedal Taper - possible to adjust?


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Just received a new PG and the volume pedal taper is very abrupt ie goes from v quiet to v loud very suddenly at about the halfway mark.

No mention of being to adjust this anywhere in the PG or PG Edit manual.

Anyone know if it’s possible to adjust this?


If not, can I permanently reassign the pedal to be expression for another parameter, and use an external expression pedal to control volume?


On a separate note, the big volume knob has no effect when I use the Amp out jack, but works with the Main out. Is this correct? Seems silly

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In the pod go edit software, you can click on the volume pedal and adjust the taper between log/lin. You can also fine tune the overall sweep range.


By default it's log and it's terrible. I usually put the vol pedal at the end of my chain as a mute and it works really well when you dial it in.

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