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Good Presets for Jazz?


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Has anyone had success creating a really basic, clean tone that’s good for jazz on a hollowbody archtop with humbuckers?

I’m thinking of those acoustic-y solid-state Polytone Mini-Brute type tones.

I’ve messed around a bit with the JC-120 amp but can’t get it to sound quite ‘woody’ enough (if that’s makes sense?!)

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There are a number of 'jazzy' factory presets, plus you can look in 'Custom tone' for clean patches. But a good jazzy tone is often achieved using volume and/or tone roll off on your guitar so don't just rely on Pod Go.   Jazz tones mean different things to different people, and can depend on jazz type. 


This was with my (original) 1969 Fender Strat through my Vox Valvetronix AD120VTX amp:



This is an old recording using a Vox Tonelab ST and my 2002 PRS Cu24:


And from 6:03 to 8:25 this was with my 1989 Epiphone Sheraton II through a Vox Valvetronix VT40+:


All can be replicated with the Pod Go

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Thanks for the reply. Nice playing!

I’ve been playing and listening to jazz guitar of all styles using various guitars and amps for over 20yrs so have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for. Before solid state amps came of age in the 70s most players used something that provided a good clean tone like a Fender Twin Reverb. The TR adds a lot of high frequency harmonics which often need taming, especially with full hollow-body arch tops. The likes of the Polytone amps are much drier sounding (many people accuse them of being muddy or boring sounding), but these actually complement archtops (and even semi-hollow and solid body guitars) very well, if you are looking for that recognisable jazzy tone, and that is what I was hoping someone might have come up with already. 
There are a couple of presets on the customtone page so will give those a spin. Then I’ll hopefully come up with some of my own...

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