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Is there some way to adjust the Helix Expression pedal Toe Switch?


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 The toe switch for engaging the wah has always been super hard to engage (especially from a seated position). I was trying to turn it on last night and it just wasn't engaging so i stomped down on it hard and the pedal totally gave way and was flopping around like a limp fish. side to side, up & down, it was totally loose and I thought for sure it was broken internally.


It turned out that the hex bolt just loosened up and all I had to do was tighten it, so it's not broken but that brings me back to the original issue:
On my Helix, you practically have to stand on the toe switch to get it to engage. Is there some way to adjust the toe switch sensitivity?
is there some way that anyone knows of to adjust the toe switch function to engage with a little less pressure?






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