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Pod Farm 2 upgrade to Helix Question

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Hello! I have a UX2 bundled with Pod Farm2 and I purchased all the Packs (which I love and used all these years!) but I want to try the Helix Native deal, Question#1: if I pay for the upgrade to Helix Native option, will I still be able to use Pod Farm2 whenever I want?

Also, Question#2: I have changed computers through the years and the ux2/pod farm license only allows me one or 2 more computer ID changes, to avoid this situation and keep my pod farm and purchased packs what should I do, buy the actual, full pod farm2 in Line6 website and re-install it? Will I still have a limit on switching computers? If I do buy a full grade pod farm2 will I be able to use the packs that I previously purchased? (same account).

Thanks in advance for your kind answers.

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Helix Native is a separate software, there is no upgrade from PF2. You can try it free for 15 days.

You own the packs you purchased and if you did purchase Helix Native you can still use PF.

If you reach you maximum authorizations for PF you can call Line6 or open a ticket and they will reset it for you.

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