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USB audio iPhone -> HX Stomp stopped working?


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I’ve used my iPhone as an audio input into the USB port of my HX stomp to play along with backing tracks and songs. 

Since I updated to 3.0 (now 3.01) the iPhone won’t play sound through the USB into the Stomp, but instead keeps playing through its built-in speakers. 

The USB on the Stomp works, I can play audio from my laptop, just not from an iPhone or iPad. 

Any clues as to what might be going on? 

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Are you sure you didn't change anything on the iPhone?

Have you tried streaming through USB from your computer? If that works, it has to be the iPhone settings.

I just tested USB from my computer (3.01). Works fine. Don't have a camera kit to test with.

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Works fine on my Helix Floor f/w 3.0.1 and iPhone XS Max running iOS 14.2.


On my old iPhone 7 Plus, my lightning port got clogged up with lint, apparently a common issue, and the connection was spotty. A toothpick and careful cleaning inside the port, everything worked fine. There was A more than I thought could even fit in the port!


Aside from that, double check your cable. Could be a faulty camera adapter, too. Couldn't hurt to do a good 'ol reboot of the iPhone either.

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