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HD500 volume fluctuations?


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I'm not sure how to word this problem exactly, but I'm almost positive that my HD500 is having seemingly random volume fluctuations. I'll be listening back to a track, or ecven a video on youtube, and the volume will randomly get quieter for some reason. It's not my DAW, it's not my instrument or cables, it appears to be a bizarre behavior of my HD500 unit.


Has this been solved? Is my unit not getting enough power for some reason? Please advise. Thank you!

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I may have solved my own problem. I twisted the volume knob back and forth a bunch of times like the volume knob on a guitar that hasn't been played in a while. All the sudden, I seem to have consistent volume. The fluctuation was random, but for the past hour or 2 since exercising the knob, my volume has been consistent. If this changes, I'll be back. 

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