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Helix Native 3.01 available to Download


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If anyone is interested Helix Native 3.01 is available to Download. 12/8/20

The Helix 3.01 update addresses potential severely corrupted audio output. Due to this, we recommend updating your Helix family device as soon as possible. This issue may also be experienced on Helix Native, an update for Native will be available in the very near future.”


Nobody dropped in here from Line 6 to let you know - they must all be busy working on the next version.


Hope this helps

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thnx for sharing this (precious) piece of news here and now - not that HLX-NTV3.0 showed any flaw on my system so far, but i can't deny i take solace when both all machines' firmware and software's version align - like stars do in outer space. 

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2 hours ago, dawiodjoopkk12 said:

also can we have a couple organ patches like the ehx b9/c9 pedals?



Maybe you are unaware that posting this request here is not enough, you actually have to post your ideas/request onto the IdeaScale site to be voted on.


Find it here:


Ensure that nobody else has made the same request, and if they have you can vote it up.


Afterwards you can post here (link below), in the correct thread, to let other users know what you have asked for. That way, they can vote for it if they like the idea.


Most of the latest effects and amps added to firmware 3.01 got into the Helix, because they started out on IdeaScale.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


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