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Are Snapshots the easiest & fastest way to A/B compare?


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To A/B compare different settings within a preset is it best to use Snapshots? I tried using a A/B split but that wasn't fast or easy. I also tried saving as different Presets but that wasn't real convenient either. I suspect Snapshots are the best way but before I learn how to use Snapshots, I thought I would ask here. 


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Depending on the complexity of what you want to compare it may be easier to use the Looper block at the beginning of the signal chain. Record a loop, start playback, put your guitar down and tweak to your heart’s content. This way you can compare changes one setting/block at a time and hear the results in real time.


But, yes... snapshot as are also a good way especially if you want to compare multiple changes at the same time and quickly flip back and forth between them.

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Thanks for the good ideas

I tried the looper. The tone that I hear while I'm playing sounds a lot better to me than when I replay the loop. Is the looper telling the truth? I hope not.

I might stick with snapshots and also the return button. 

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