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Variax Wireless Option

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I was going over some of the ideas on ideascale and came across a request for Variax wireless solution.  I think that is an awesome idea and definitely needed for JTV's to be fully embraced by the professional performers, especially on the bigger stages.  Interestingly, I also saw this link discussing an actual Line 6 unpublished feature built in to the Vetta II.  Apparently they enabled a wireless variax feature during one of the firmware upgrades that enabled the Vetta to make Variax changes over wireless.  It wasn't a complete 2 way communication solution but it certainly opened the door and showed that Line 6 themselves were at one point working it.  Why on earth they haven't exploited that ability with the POD HD series is just beyond me.


Anyway, here is the link to the Vetta info.  If you think its a good idea go over to ideascale and vote it up...





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Bummer. I use my JTV every Sunday to lead worship and I always use the VDI cable because I use different guitar models in different patches. I've always wanted to get rid of that cable but don't want to manually change guitar models while thinking of flow and all the other stuff
I do as I lead.

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Just here to add my vote: VARIAX WIRELESS PLEASE!! Without it, the "dream rig" is not a dream. I have the DT25, Helix, and Variax, but in order to have the Helix control the Variax I need a stupid cable at my feet. No way. So now I'm on stage with my head down finding the next patch with my feet, finding the model on the Variax while saying to my bandmates, "Wait...wait...wait... OK!" Not a dream! Still better than using a cable. 

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Just want to add my voice to the choir. Line6, please give us a wireless system that gives the same functionality as connection a Variax guitar to the HD500X through a Cat5 cable. I would buy two of these immediately!

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