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Just happy with a particular feature

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The Helix bypass when using the 1/4" out is really good. I have my globals set so that the master volume does not affect the 1/4" out at all, and I just (after many years) got a tube amp again. I put the Helix in front for effects but no amp/cab modeling of course. I decided I wanted to know how much it changed things so I put the Helix in a true bypass loop and put the Helix in and out of the signal chain. No change in tone at all, no change in volume. I hear the pop of the 3PDT switch but no other change at all.


Next thing I'm going to do is test the DI on my amp and compare that to the IR that is supposed to be of the same amp/cab as the amp provided by that company (Hughes & Kettner) and see if they sound even remotely like each other.

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