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Simple Helix -> DAW question


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So I'm just starting to explore using the Helix as an interface to my DAW.  I have a question about the USB 1/2 outs.  Do I assign both to one track in my DAW?  What is being sent though them?  Is USB 1 left, and USB 1 right, or are these just two interfaces that both send the full signal?

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The USB 1/2 output pair sends the stereo output of the Helix device to your DAW. You assign it in your DAW a as the Input Source when you arm a stereo track for recording. So, yes, USB 1 is the L stereo channel and USB 2 is the R.


Since you’re new to this you might also explore the potential of simultaneously recording your dry guitar. Create a mono track in your DAW and assign the input source to USB 7, which by default in Helix sends the dry guitar signal. You can use this track later if you wish to use a plug-in such as Helix Native (for which you gat a significant discount as a Helix owner).


 With Helix Native you can then affect the dry guitar track to provide all the processing that the Helix device can do. The presets are interchangeable between Helix and Helix Native, so you can begin by importing the Helix preset that you used while doing the initial recording and then tweaking as you wish during the development of your song. Since you have the dry track recorded you won’t have to re-record the guitar part to adjust the tone. When finished to your satisfaction in the recording you can then export the preset from Helix Native, import it into HX Edit, and take your studio tone on the road for gigs.

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