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Export HX stomp presets as list for printing


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No, but sometimes users go to the effort of manually creating such a listing (or a program to generate such a listing from the raw .hlx file which is in JSON format I believe) and sharing it here in some common format such as Excel. I believe an .hlx file reader and interpreter program has been created and posted by a user but I can't find it at the moment and I don't know if it works for HX Stomp.



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9 hours ago, claudeu said:

Is there a possibility to export a preset list?


You can use something like but  it just converts the raw data to a flat table. Not necessarily very useful.


You would need to program for example an XSLT stylesheet to transform the data into something more meaningful.

Some time ago I've managed to set up a very rudimentary XSLT to convert CSV files to the ICS calendar format (aka iCal) by modifying an existing stylesheet without exactly knowing what I'm doing. It works, but that's about it, haha.

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2 hours ago, claudeu said:

I am Mac user and not experienced with programming.


I am Mac user, too, and nonetheless, in past 30+ years on Mac I have accumulated some basic programming skills. That can happen when you know what you want and you simply can't get it elsewhere.

But of course: a Linux nerd could likely programm such an app while they sleep, haha…

(Hm… thinking of it, I actually had quite a few good programming ideas for my FileMaker databases while lying half awake in bed. Never underestimate the power of the "work-while-you're-in-bed" concept! ;)

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