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Switch Marshall Amp Channel with HX Stomp MIDI


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I have a Marshall 6101 which is a three channel amp which are MIDI switchable channels but it can only receive MIDI messages on MIDI CHANNEL 1. From there on, messages can be the usual 128 MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE (0 - 127).

- Can the HX Stomp Preset or Snapshot selection send one of those 128 MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE signal using MIDI CHANNEL 1 to the Marshall so that any change of Preset or Snapshot on the HX Stomp will switch the Amp to one of its 3 channels as well ?

- Or is MIDI CHANNEL 1 reserved for something else on the HX Stomp ?


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You can do this in CommandCenter using either footswitches or using Snapshots and the Instant Commands (lightning bolts). Snapshots send Instant Commands on both Preset Load and Snapshot Change. The default "Base" channel is Channel 1, but if you're also controlling some other MIDI device you can either change the Base Channel or assign specific channels to specific commands. When using Command Center to send Program Change messages, be sure to go into Global Settings>MIDI and turn OFF "MIDI PC Tx" to prevent HXS from sending the default PC on Preset Load.

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