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HX Stomp Snapshots. Want MORE!


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Hi there! 

Sorry for that, but I just can't find another way to reach the line6 team concerning this issue.

As we know HX Stomp which we love got only 3 snapshots, but I don't understand why is there this limitation.

I found that I need atleast 5 snapshots to use HX Stomp at the gigs conviniently. 

With external two button footswitch 5 snapshots can be easely acsessible.

And with Command Center even with 3 internal footswithes it's possible to use any 3 of 5 snapshots.


So I would like to start a little campaign to encourage Line6 to add more stapshots to HX Stomp in further updates.

Let there be atleast 5.


Please join this topic, share your opinion and experience.

The more we are the more chance for us to be heared!



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