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PC+ reverb, did I miss something?


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Longtime Helix and PC+ user and needing assistance (hi waymda).


Please forgive me as my sin is not reading the manual, and then when I did thinking I missed something. The latest version (v3.0 Rev E) includes the following


Powercab Plus users can also utilize the IR and Reverb options available on the Powercab, thereby alleviating the need to add IR or Reverb blocks within their Helix presets. 


Say what? Reverb blocks in the PC+??????


Not that I can see this, but did anyone else notice this? Is it a portent of things to come?



PS. Full disclosure I was only looking at the new manual to better understand DT integration to see if its time to play in that space again, but the above may see my pair of DT25s unloved again.

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Just woke & read this- Looks like I need to re-visit what version firmware is inside my PC+ pair...


Reverb huh? Latest update I see is v2.xx and I didn't read anything about reverb blocks there, but

i did not read the newest manual yet.

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9 hours ago, phil_m said:

I don’t think there are any plans to add reverb to the Powercab, but I don’t know for sure. This was probably just a brain fart from the manual writer mixing the Powercab and DT functionality together.


I'm guessing so, given you can control the reverb mix on the DT from over the L6 Link - but I had to ask.


9 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:

The good news here is there still are people that read the manuals!!  I was beginning to think that was a lost art......


Occasionally, when I can't work it out from playing with the UI - or I don't have the gear in front of me. Seems a reasonable starting place to me....


btw I upgraded to fw 3.01 by downloading it using HX Edit 2.x and now can't see all the new features, I think my Helix is bricked, I used to have snapshots but now can't see them, my global EQ has disappeared, and my patches are rebuilding since the upgrade - is that normal?, oh and I have some great ideas to tell you Line 6 folk about that really should have been there from day one and I'm really pissed that they're not there!!! 


Can anyone in this forum help?

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Sorry Martin - I should have added a sarcasm tag - I think I put together the most common list of ailments I see on the forum, the answers to all are easily found, and which are repeatedly provided by members much more patient and generous than I am, such as yourself.

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