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Meambobbo Patches


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Got linked to this absolutely fantastic web site, and was wondering how to download his patches.  If you click on the .exe file, all that pops up is code gibberish.  I would like to try out some of his ideas.  Suggestions???


Link to patches:


Thank you for your support!


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Those are not exe files.  They are 5xe files.  These go directly into the HD500X via the HD Edit program.  And note these are 500X files.  If you have an HD500 you would have to load them into the Edit program, write down the settings, and manually enter them into your HD500.

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actually just download them and drag them into HD Edit for HD500 and then save them.  They will work just fine.   ;)


even better... if you notice the last file ends with .5xs.  That is a complete setlist of all the patches.  Download it and double click on it.  When it asks you what program to use, select HD Edit and it will load all the patches at once!  Now just save them into a new folder and you are good to go...

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hey guys!  been a while since I dropped into this board - funny to see my name in a thread title. is the root level for all the patches I've shared. are my personal favorites.  I started using the XXL/Uber cabs together and got the best sound from that, but I never had the chance to apply it to all my patches where I'd want to use it. I also only made hd500 versions.  I don't think the hd500 folder has these patches in there.


EDIT2: forgot to mention - the HD Desktop patches might sound horrid.  I don't have one of these, so to convert, I had to use a converter.  Not sure what the issue is, but for some reason it can set all the amp/cab DEP's to 50%.  Sorry.  If you feel you need them, download HD500 Edit and look at the settings and recreate them in the HD Desktop patch.  I'd do this, but I really don't have time (or the patience).


Most of my patches use "dual cabs".  You need to understand there are numerous potential phase issues with this setup, which is why there are often neutral EQ's on one channel but not the other.  Or why it sounds like crap if you switch the mic.  There's a whole section of my guide devoted to this topic, but is not a breeze to comprehend.


I don't check this forum often.  If you want to get in touch with me, the best way to do so is through the contact form on my site -


Numerous people have had trouble downloading my patches.  First try right-clicking and choosing to save the link location (different browsers might use different verbiage).  Try a different browser if you can.  If you still have problems, use the contact form.  I'll reply back with all my patches in a zip file for you.


Happy tone hunting!


EDIT: I also did want to point out that my profiles are completely 100% freakin unrestricted.  I don't care what you do with them - use them on your next album, modify them and redistribute them, tell people you made them up yourself...I don't care - I don't want a royalty or even a credit.  I just want you to enjoy.  If you feel like you need to give me anything, there is a donation link on my site.


Oh, and I no longer take patch requests. sorry.  but the guide is very extensive - if you read and apply the knowledge, you will have no problems dialing tones in yourself.

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