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Helix - Little to no sound from my speaker(s)


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All, having a bit of trouble with little to no sound (and this is when I have the volume knob maxed) when using either my Mesa or Marshall cabs. I’ve read the manual regarding global setup and choosing ‘line’ for 1/4” Output. Plugged the speaker cable in back of unit output left/mono and barely any sound. In addition some presets I don’t even get sound at all. What’s odd is if I use that same output left/mono and run to my Scarlett where I have my monitors plugged in, it works and sounds perfectly...just not to my cabinets.


I know the speaker cable is good (I tested,  both work with my amp head to speaker), I know the output left back of Helix is fine and I set the 1/4 Output to ‘line’.  Any ideas on what I could be missing or doing wrong?


Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Helix does not have an internal amplifier. To use it direct you need powered speakers. To use it with guitar cabs you need an external amplifier.

Duncan Powerstage amps, Quilter, any PA amp (not optimal) or the various tube poweramps. A guitar head with an effects loop allows you to send the 1/4" out to the effects loop return. Of course, you're always going to sound like that power amp through those speakers, since you probably don't want to use cabs/IRs on Helix when going that way.

Using cabs/IRs is what powered FRFR speakers like the Headrush FRFR108/112 or L6 Powercabs are for..

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When you run it through the Scarlett and to your monitors .... I presume the monitors are powered? That’s the key; the monitors have an internal amp that needs power.


You could also bypass the Scarlett and connect your monitors directly to the Helix outputs.

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