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HD Pod 500x / MIDI / Mainstage


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I'm sorry if the question has already been asked, I didn't find it.

I'm trying to use my 500x as a MIDI controller for Mainstage. I installed everything I could (driver, license manager, pod edit...) and everything is working on Line 6 devices. My pod is being recognized by the edit software and I can use it. But my Pod doesn't seem to be recoginzed as a midi controller by my OS, only as an audio device. Therefore, nor Mainstage or Logic notice it in the settings. It doesn't appear in the "midi studio setting" too. I've tried to plug it with USB cable and MIDI interface, didn't work. My Mac only has USB C port, so I use a USB adapter. I read somewhere that it could be that, but I'm not sure, since the Edit software is perfectly working through this adapter.


I'm on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1



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You would need to use MIDI Out on the device and use a separate MIDI interface for Mainstage or Logic. MIDI over USB is not possible on the 500X.


"POD HD500X does not include USB MIDI functionality.)"

Pg B • 1 HD500X Advanced Guide - English ( Rev A ).pdf

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