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Help with 7CM in Helix Rack


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Hey all, I've been running the Helix rack in 4cm for the past few months and have been absolutely loving it, so decided to expand into 7CM, but the 2nd amp (which is an identical amp) won't produce any sound.  I'm using 'Effects Loop 1' for the Left amp and 'Effects Loop 2' for the right amp (see my diagram picture below). 


I triple checked all of the cables are plugged in correctly (just expanding from my previous 4cm cabling)

Guitar -> Helix input

Helix Send (1 & 2) -> Amp Input(s)

Amp Send(s) -> Helix Return (1 & 2)

Helix 1/4" Outputs (L & R) -> Amp Return(s)


Any help would be appreciated!



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Are the panning and level settings set properly at the Split, Mix and Output Blocks?

Are both Loops configured the same (LINE) in Globals?

Do all the cables on the non-functional side test GOOD?

What happens if you switch the cables - Helix Left to Right Amp (from Left); Helix Right to Left Amp (from Right)?



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