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HX Stomp midi thru

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Hey folks. Running an HC Stomp with a Morningstar MC6 controlling it. I have another medal that I’d like the MC6 to control but it’s 1/4” midi. If I get a 5 pin midi to 1/4” midi cable and put it in the HX stomp midi thru into the pedal (Alexander sky 5000) will that send midi to it? Or do I need some sort of separate box? I guess the question would be similar if I wanted to control the 1/4” midi pedal from command center in the HX stomp. 

Any insights?

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From the Sky 5000 User Manual:


The Neo pedal can accept MIDI over USB from a computer or mobile device, or from a MIDI controller using a 1/4” cable. The Neo pedals are compatible with interface converters made by Disaster Area Designs and Empress.


HXS sends MIDI, and the above implies that with THE SPECIFIED converters, it should work.

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