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Cracking Expressionpedal


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Hey guys :)


A couple of days ago, while playing my helix lt, I noticed a loud cracking-sound whenever I am trying to use the expressionpedal. The pedal still works as far as I can tell, but I am a bit concerned, since this cracking-sound is in my experience not normal. Does anybody have a similar problem and knows if its no big deal or  something I need to let somebody take a look at?

Thanks for your time in advance :)

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While I think the expression pedal in the LT may be built slightly differently than in the normal Helix, my non-LT Helix was making creaking noises after a certain point.  I ended up loosening the hex screw on the side (but not too much, or it might fall out and be a real something or other to get back in properly).  Then I took a slide rule, put some silicone grease on it, and worked it in around the screws/washers to give it some lubrication.  Then I tightened the hex nut back up, but only just enough that the pedal will stay in place wherever you leave it.

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