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HX Stomp Snapshots problem


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hi there - looking for some help on snapshots on the HX Stomp as I can't tell what I'm doing wrong!


I've saved a preset with 3 snapshots (see first image). It looks & sounds fine.



But when I change  to snapshot 2, I see a little "E" appear by the preset's name indicating something has changed (image 2). I don't see this happen in online demos. I've read the manual and watched a couple of YouTube videos but feel like I'm missing some setting somewhere. Any suggestions/help very welcome!




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The thing that changed (for the patch) is you're on the second snapshot.


Saving the patch now would result in it being recalled with snapshot 2 active.


Unless you actually change a parameter you want to save, don't (save). 


I've caught myself more than once modifying a patch and then saving on the 'wrong' snapshot - easy to fix but a trap.




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Perhaps the vids were made with older firmware and the “E” appeared in later firmware? Perhaps it only appears in one of the Views and not others? Perhaps..... (insert explanation of your choice here)......


What you’re seeing is simply the way it works now. It’s not a bug and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll feel better if you simply stop letting it bug you.Try not to be too CDO about it (I prefer the letters in alphabetical order). 

 Personally I’ve already spent too much time on this. Good luck in getting over it. :-)

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