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Please Add Audiobus Support To Amplifi

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It would be great if AudioBus support was added to the amplifi ios app. This would allow the ability to play along with ios synths or ios recording apps streaming to the amp while having the ability to also make tone changes on the amp. Right now i can play along to an ios synth, but i can't do tone changes.


The way to think about this is that rather than playing along to a song playing back in the amplifi app, you could play along to a live audio stream coming from another running ios music app that is AudioBus compatible (most are). You can do this now if you just run the other ios app, but then you have no ability to do tone changes, which you need to be in the amplify app to do. I think this would be a fairly trivial programing addition to add to the amplifi app since it already had the ability to stream audio and tone changes, and would greatly improve it's utility for more serious musicians using ios.


When the usb port works, if you could stream in audio from the amp into AudioBus to an audiobus compatible recording app, that would be even better.

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