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I need HX stomp stereo in and Out setup for acoustic gtr!!!

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Hi I'm hoping somebody can help me. I have an acoustic guitar with 2 separate outputs one is the K&K pure mini pick up the other is the preamp on the guitar. I want to use 2 separate inputs on my HX Stomp that come out 2 separate outputs so I can put them into my mixing board and mix the left and right channels together however I see fit. I can't seem to do it. People just tell me what to do and when I do what they say  but it either doesen't work or the channels are reversed and it's becoming a real headache trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone just have a preset they can send me that has 2 independent channels a left and right input so when II can EQ and effect them independently. I have cables clearly labeled It shouldn't be so difficult but something is wrong. In split Y the channels come out reversed and in Split A/B when I pan A left and B Right nothing comes out the B side. So there is something wrong with how I have this setup. Attached.

Thanks for your help

Gerry C

Stomp split channel.jpg

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