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TONEPORT KB37 with ableton 10 on windows 10

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Hey Everyone, 


I've recently been given a TonePORT KB37 and I know its a bit older but has anyone gotten it to work as a sound card for Ableton 10 with windows. The midi works great but I cant get any audio to work at all recording wise. I get error messages when trying to have it chosen as a choice for output or input. I have the driver installed for windows. I tried both of the most recent ones as it looked like the latest didnt work and they instructed to use the one before. Am i missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Hey Willis,


I am using the TonePort already for years with Ableton now and it works also fine under Windoews 10. I even have it working under Linux Mint in Windows 10 in VirtualBox.


The latest Line6 KB37 driver is allright for windows 10. First remove old drivers, than without connecting the KB37 , install the new driver. During the install of the driver, you have to choose for the KB37 only.


In order to use the KB37 as a soundcard under Windows , you need to disable the onboard soundcard of your pc in the hardware manager.


Than right-click on the sound-icon right-under on your desktop and choose the top item on the shown list: soundmanager.

Here yoy choose your speakers, which now will be the line6 speakers.


I assume that you are aware thatyou have to connect a pc-amplifier to the Analog outs of the KB38 in order ta hear something.


Your PC-sound also will go via the KB37.


Good luck!





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