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44.1 khz on mac/protools/HX Stomp


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I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to change the sample rate of the HX Stomp from 48khz to 44.1, and I've tried everything! I can't change it within protools, or creating a new session, I can't change it in system preferences. I just want to be able to use it in 44.1 protools sessions. It's becoming so frustrating!

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13 hours ago, doomtoof said:

how to change the sample rate of the HX Stomp from 48khz to 44.1


Install the Helix Driver, v.1.0.9,  or if you're on El Capitan or earlier v 1.0.7.

The Stomp is class compliant, i.e. it is usable without a driver, but only @ 48kHz.


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15 hours ago, doomtoof said:

I am on big sur if that matters.


Um… yes:



MacOS 11 Compatibility with Line 6 Software



By Line6Tony


Apple® released their new operating system, macOS® 11 Big Sur, today.


Currently, Line 6 software products are not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur.


We recommend that you wait until Line 6 software product compatibility with macOS 11 is announced before updating to the new operating system. Compatibility is currently being tested and will be ensured in upcoming software updates. 


To prevent macOS from automatically updating, uncheck the “Install macOS updates” option in System Preferences > Software Update > Advanced.


Please watch this space for more information regarding support for macOS 11.



The Line 6 Support Team


That's what you'll see if you click on the "MacOS 11 Compatibility with Line 6 Software" box at the top of every forum page. It's there for a reason.


15 hours ago, doomtoof said:

I wonder if I should downgrade to El Capitan or something?


Definitely do not use Bug Sur for "mission critical" tasks roughly until at least the upcoming WWDC later this year.

Provided your ProTools is fully compatible with Catalina, you should be good to go with Line 6 on Catalina as well.

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In case anyone finds this useful:

I'm in Catalina and can confirm you change the Sample Rate.

At first nothing happened, I downloaded the appropiate driver (1.1.0), then I restarted, gave Line 6 some system Services permissions, then restarted again. No Sample Rate dropdown yet.


But as I did all of these restarts, I never turned off the HX Stomp unit. Only after turning it down and on again it picked up the right driver.


Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 00.47.12.png

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