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DT50 112 Has Whisper Quiet Volume


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Hi all,

Today I purchased a used DT50 112 for an excellent price ($200 Australian). The vendor said that the amp was very quiet (as in "whisper quiet"), but didn't know why. 


I thought I would take a chance on the amp because of the low price.


When I got the amp home:

  • Wiped down the Tolex (came up very well)
  • Fitted 2 new El 34's and 2 new 12AX7's
  • Did a factory reset power up
  • Unfortunately, the amp was still very, very quiet  (I did toggle the master volume, but it made no difference)
  • I toggled the topology, pentode & class switches, but again, it made no difference
  • Tried a separate speaker box (maybe the onboard speaker was blown), but again, it made no difference


I will have to take it to a Line 6 repair shop to get it looked at, but any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.


Many thanks



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1) Use the specified tubes (valves), using the specified bias,...


2) There are a couple of items on the processor and amp board that can affect volume that way.

The authorized Line 6 service center can reach out to me through our service center channel for that.


3) If the previous owner didn't use specified tubes, it can have a bad affect on the unit over time.


4) It can be the guitar input amp board. Also something for the service center to deal with.


Do not attempt self repair on these, the shock hazard is too great. Leave it to the Line 6 authorized service in your area.


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I received the following response from Line 6 (re Service Bulletin 059):


"Your amp was built Post-Affected units, so no Service Bulletin-mandated mods are required"


This is very good news. I will post how the volume IC repair work progresses.


Well done, Line 6! Very rapid response.




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  • 1 year later...

Hi all,

I picked up my DT50 1x12 from the repair shop three days ago. Took exactly 1 year and three days from drop off to pick up!!. 


Parts required: 5 caps and a digital potentiometer. I also had new EHX pre & power tubes fitted.


So far so good. The amp sounds excellent, especially the Blackface (I) and Mesa (IV) topologies. The Marshall model is a little underwhelming (Maybe my JVM410 has spoiled me for Marshall sounds).


Using DT Edit, I have set up channel A to have 'No Model' and have put my Boss GT1000 direct through the Hi input, with cabs on the GT1000 turned off. (If anyone could point me in the direction of DT edit instructions, it would be much appreciated).


Extremely happy with the results.


It is one heavy 1x12 though!, and as wide as my 2x12 cabs - probably to account for the amp unit width.




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I'm glad that your amp is back and sounds good. But a year to get repaired at a L6 service center is not an encouraging story. I just bought a DT50 a couple of days ago. I've had to reinstall the firmware twice already. I really want to keep this amp as it sounds pretty good. But it's scaring me a bit and knowing that I can't get it serviced in a timely manner makes it worse. I'm planning on making this amp part of my band rig with my Helix floor. I hope I'm not making a huge mistake.

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