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Best way to incorporate recorder pedal with Helix


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Hello, I just got a Wiretap recorder pedal for use with Helix as I needed a way to just stomp and have a separate device record my ideas, without setting up computers, apps, loopers, etc.  It's working great.  I just include a SEND block wherever I want in the chain and I can get a wet or dry signal into it.  The pedal also has a return and "true bypass" of course as it is meant to be inline with other effects on a pedalboard.  And that's where the issue is:


When I SEND with 1 block and RETURN with another, I get a high pitch buzz sound that indicates maybe I have a signal routing issue.  Both send and return work fine separately, but when I put both blocks in the same preset and enable them both, the problem arises.  This is probably a newbie mistake...  Do I have to have the SEND before the RETURN or visa versa?  And should I be using the FXLOOP block instead of the separate SEND and RETURN blocks?


Also, because I can record dry and then play back that dry signal at the front of the sound chain, there is a really cool "tone tweaking" mode I can go into.  Instead of having to pick up the guitar and play notes to hear what I've changed in a preset, I can just run the loop endlessly, and it's like I'm playing constantly while I'm tweaking.  Super helpful and is saving my back the constant shuffling back and forth.  Just a tip.  Anyone else done this?  Any tips related?




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