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Dunlop Heil Talk Box HT-1


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Can i connect it direct to helix with no problems? This pedal connection is different of modern talkboox pedals.

By send/return loop? By send to TB y output to frfr input? I have it in a box for lot years and now i hope can use it with helix in a easy way.

Heeeeelp! (English isn´t my languaje, i hope can understand me)

Thank you very much in advance.


The short manual:

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Yes, i know,  i would know if could damage helix or the tbox if itry pluggin direct to the helix to try it.

I have the freespeech from danelectro too but some days ago i went to use it and... doesn´t work, i don´t knnow why, and send to repair probably cost more than one new cheapest (harley benton)

Thanks for help

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I have a Danelectro Freespeech talk box. I don't know how much you know about talk boxes but here's the path using a normal amp to make sure you understand.  The signal goes from to the guitar to the talk box input. In the talk box, there is a little speaker whose sound goes to a long plastic tube. The sound travels through this tube to the other end. You snake the tube up a mic stand and tape it at the top next to a mic. That mic signal goes into a seperate amp.  That's right. A whole different amp. That's where the sound is produced. Can the Helix do this? Yes it can and it workds great! Here's the path I use (you actually need two). 


First of all there are several ways to do this. This is just mine. The first path is your normal guitar into the Helix path. Put a Send at the very beginning of that path and make sure it is set to Instrument Level. Connect that Send to the Talk Box. Take the tube from the talk box and snake the tube up a mic stand to get it next to the mic and tape it there. You want the tube right next to your mic sticking out enough so that the tube can go in your mouth AND the mic is directly in front of your mouth. Just type in "Frampton talk box" in an images search and you'll see what I mean. The mic is what provides the talk box's audio/sound/effect to the separate amp. Since that mic normally goes to a separate amp, we need to create a separate path in Helix with a Mic input. So connect the mic next to the talk box tube to the mic input on the Helix.Then create a separate path for the mic with a mic input. There are several ways to do this but you're on your own for that. So that path goes to your output. You can put an amp or anything else in the path to help simulate the "normal" talk box sound. You can blend the two paths or just have one or the other by turning each paths output up or down. As I recall, for the right "talk box" sound, you just want the talk box path on it's own so turn the other path all the way down.


Now you could do this without using the Send in Helix. Just plug into the talk box and take the talk box's 1/4" output and connect it to the Helix. That signal is only the guitar, no effect. Then do all of the same stuff with the tube/mic. It just saves having to use the Send. Or you could just have one path with the mic only. Of course, That's all you' have in that patch. This is a lot and I'm not at home right now. When I get home I will try and find that patch and post it here for you. I assure you that the Helix can do this. I've done it. By the way, this is how talkboxes originally did what they do so I think of this as a "normal" talk box. Just FYI. Good Luck!


EDIT: I just looked at your Talkbox manual. One way to think about this is that you are making Path 2 your PA in regard to those diagrams

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Thanks for your help rd2rk!

Thanks brue58ski, i know how the talk box works, i was using the danelectro but is damaged now :( so i want try my old heil sound that works different, it needs one amp that send the signal, and the talbox send to speakers (the mic to p.a.) as you can see in the "manual". I want know sure if i can try it with helix without damage helix or the talbox. Some years ago (+- 25 :( ) i connected it as "basic configuration" in manual. I suppose that the only thing i am careful is the 8 ohms of speakers of cabinet and don´t send too power from helix to tbox so i don´t damage the speaker of the tbox...

Thank you again for your answers and sorry my poor english...

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