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EXP Pedal value or snapshot setting


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I have saved delay mix to 25%

I have my external EXP Pedal set to "Delay Mix" so I can adjust the level of the delay on the fly.

Before version 3 firmware I was able to adjust the delay with the pedal, but then press the snapshot to return to the saved (25%) state.

This worked perfectly in the past, but now it seems the HELIX will only allow me to assign "Mix" to a single source.  I have to choose either Expression or the Snapshot saved value.

If anyone has the answer I'd be very grateful.


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Thanks DB,

I checked that setting and tried it both ways but I still have the same issue.  If I select the Delay Block, I'll press and Hold the Mix knob, then I'll have the option of "Learning Controller." If I Learn The EXP Pedal as the controller, then the list on the left changes from "Snapshot" to "EXP 3". If I set it to Snapshot, the value will be remembered and return the that value when I select that snapshot.  But the Expression Pedal is no longer linked if I set it to Snapshot.  If I set it to EXP Pedal (or Learn Controller) then the value is not saved with the snapshot.  I used to be able to change the value with the pedal, then return to the saved value when pressing the button for the Snapshot.

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