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HX Stomp - Princeton clipping with Les Paul Custom: SOLVED


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Or just place a gain block in front of everything, and drop 3 or 4dBs when using the Les Paul, maybe more for super hot humbuckers. Works good for clean tones, and you dont need to create a dedicated preset. Second option, just roll down the LP volume pot a bit.... :P

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10 hours ago, guitarboy_02451 said:

Turned the drive to 4.5 to 2.5, boosted the CH Vol to 10... all better now! Looks like I'll have to make a Princeton Patch just for the Lester and one for the Strat. 


There is nothing unusual about this. Generally speaking.... a Les Paul will drive an amp harder than a Strat, while a Tele and/or P-90's fall somewhere in between. If you run pedals before the amps such as overdrives and compressors, they will also be effected by the output level of the guitar. 


Of course there are hundreds of pickup options these days for all styles of guitars... which is why I say "generally speaking". 



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All good options. On my real amps (Dr. Z's) I don't have to fiddle much. Plug and play, few knobs and the truth... Let the old NOS rectifiers do the rest. 
I recall back in the day when I had a Digitech 2112 I used to have a bank for strat and a bank for Les Paul. 

But to my ears, what I was hearing wasn't really break-up, rather digital clipping. A fuzzy overtone to rather clean sound. 

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