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using hx stomp as a cab with tube head and loadbox


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Ok so Im trying to use my hx stomp as my cab/IR loader and effects  with my tube amp+loadbox. So I watched a video today that made it seem easy. Basically create a send/return block and IR have the input of the guitar going into the mono input then the send going to the input of the amp then return from the loadbox(fryette ps 2) line out to the L return. When I do this I get my amp coming through but tons of feedback. So I feel like I either am doing something wrong or have a ground loop. Any suggestions? basically I would like my signal chain to at the very minimum to be guitar-tube amp-HX stomp cab or IR --> daw. Eventually I would like to have some effects out front and some after the tube amp. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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By default, USB1/2 from the Computer is routed to HXS Outputs 1/2, which then goes back to the amp, which goes to the computer, and back to the amp - FEEDBACK!

The Track Input Echo switch in your DAW needs to be OFF to prevent this.


Attached is a version of the preset I sent borz666. It reflects your end requirement of 4cm and the Line Out from the RL going through a cab to the computer.


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1 hour ago, borz666 said:

Rd2k, I haven't tried that patch yet (too busy home schooling the kids) , but I'm not using the HX as an audio interface. I use a Focusrite. I'm goin out of my HX stomp main outputs into channel 3-4 of my Audio Interface. So I looked at that last patch you sent me but it seems after the send you're injecting the signal back earlier in the path??

Not sure how thats going to work



Please see the previous thread for a new version, and delete your post here to avoid confusion.

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