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How to Authorize Computer when Line 6 account limit reached?


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Hi All


I have reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC (again !!) due to issues I was having with it.

Clean reinstall.

Of course, this means having to reinstall all my recording software (which takes a very long time).


I have reinstalled Helix Native.

Upon using Cubase and trying to use Native as a plug in for an audio track, I now get an alert stating:


"your account has reached the limit of computer authorizations for Helix Native. Sign into you Line 6 account to manage your authorizations"



I have used L 6 products for many years and have had several computers over that time.

I have also had to re install windows 10 several times due to problems.

When Windows 10 is installed, usually get a new ID for the computer which is set by Windows.


There are 11 devices listed on my account, three of which are L6 devices; the rest being previous computers or the present computer past ID's.


I have deauthorized all the past computers and the previous ID's of the current computer, but I cannot find a way to authorize my current computer ID.


How do I authorize this computer ?


Until  I can authorize the new ID I can't use Native.



Many thanks.


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This is what the page in my account "Authorized Devices" looks like.


Never known why the POD Live is "pending"

It's been like that since I tried to deauthorize it years ago.


I haven't used the UX2 for ages either.

Just keep it authorized in case I have a problem with my current audio interface.


Screenshot 2021-01-19 193037.png

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