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Lost spider Remote - after win 10 update i cant use it anymore


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dudes, that suxx alot.....this morning my pc made an update on Win 10.......before that my spider remote app 2 works finde...all my tones in the cloud perfect....

after the update i cant open the App.... i read everthing and ive tried will not work...all my tones are not usable that suxx....when thats an bug of the software is suck lollipop like hell....what the lollipop should i do right now? buying a new amp that is not from Line 6?

maybe Fender ? or is Line 6 able to fix that?!?!

dont get me wrong...i love my spider...but with the PC support and the remote control for windows i have problems since i use the spider v and thats for 3 years there any guy who knows the Fix for this lollipop? i need my tones in the cloud back...

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