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Helix recording newbie


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I have been using my Helix for a year or so and feel good about using it so that is a plus. Now I would like to start doing some basic recording. I have sort of settled on Cubase Elements. I am not looking to do that much recording wise. I am really wanting to use backing tracks and record against them. I also want to create some original material, but not looking to record a band or anything. Just mainly for my own enjoyment.


That said... I have no clue really where to start since I have never even connected to a DAW with my Helix. I am looking for advice on how to get started (tutorials, YouTube, whatever) I am not afraid to learn, just looking for a few shortcuts to limit the endless searches.


Thanks for any help you can suggest 

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There's a couple of different ways to do this.


You can drag/copy/import a .wav/.mp3 file to a track in your DAW, then record on a separate track using USB1/2 as Input.




You can stream audio from your computer into the HXS Returns:

1) Set Global Settings>Ins/Outs>Return Type = Aux In;set computer's Playback Device to the computer's soundcard (not HXS), computer headphone or LIne Out to HXS Returns

2) record that to a track using USB7/8 while 

3) recording your guitar to a separate track using USB3/4 (split the path so that you have a separate 3/4 output block).




Record a mix of the streaming audio and guitar to a single track by using step 1 above and USB1/2 as track input.


As to the actual recording process, I don't use Cubase (tried it, hated it), I use Reaper or Ableton LIVE or Bandlab/Cakewalk, but the process is similar across most DAWs.

Once you have your devices configured in the DAW (RTM!), RECORD ENABLE the track(s) to be recorded, turn OFF the guitar track's INPUT ECHO/Track Monitor (whatever your DAW calls it - RTM!), RECORD ENABLE the DAW Transport (sometimes that starts the recording, sometimes there's multiple ways to go about this - RTM!) and go!

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